Hidden Tourist Attractions in Southeast Asia that You Must Visit part 1

Southeast Asia is a favorite destination for backpackers from all over the world. Not only offers beautiful places, the cost of traveling in this region is also relatively cheap. Let’s prepare your notes to make a travel list this year. Here are recommendations for tourist attractions in Southeast Asia that are interesting but still rarely visited.

Pai, Thailand

If you want to find a place that is green but still full of entertainment, Pai can be the place. Located in the mountainous region of northern Thailand, Pai offers a calm and comforting atmosphere at the same time.

In this place you can rent a motorbike to circle around the forest, visit waterfalls, dance at local bars and relax in a hammock.

Pu Qhuoc Island, Vietnam

Many people agree that Pu Qhuoc will soon become a favorite tourist destination in Vietnam. But don’t worry, at this time the beautiful beaches on this island are still relatively quiet. On this island, you can enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving on pristine beaches.

Don’t worry about transportation, in Pu Qhuoc you will easily find motorbike rentals. What are you waiting for, come quickly before Pu Qhuoc is packed with tourists!

Bagan, Myanmar

This city …

Recommendations for Famous Tourist Attractions in Maluku, Indonesia

Indonesia as a tropical and archipelagic country that is rich in natural beauty from Sabang to Merauke, has become one of the destinations for foreign tourists to visit and enjoy tourist attractions in our beloved country.

However, not only foreign tourists like and often visit domestic tourist attractions but also the Indonesian people themselves. Especially if the weekend or school holidays arrive, various tourist attractions will be full of visitors. Well, this time we summarize some recommendations for vacation spots in Maluku. Check out the following.

Hatta Island

Hatta Island is a tourist spot, this one is a small island in Central Maluku Regency. This island prepares and offers beautiful beaches, seawater, and various kinds that are stored under the sea. This island is perfect for those of you who have fun with snorkeling activities.

Hoko Falls

Hoka Waterfall is located in Hoko Village, Kei Islands, Southeast Maluku Regency. Had been used as one of the nominations in the Anugerah Pesona Indonesia, making this location quite well known by tourists.

This one destination offers extraordinary views accompanied by clear blue water which is less than 2 meters deep. Visitors to this location can not only enjoy the beauty of the …

Abis Romance! This Destination Must Enter Honeymoon Bucket List

I want to know, what kind of honeymoon dream do you want to do with your partner? The answer is clear, visiting a romantic destination to get an unforgettable moment. Yes, at least once in a lifetime, right?

Besides Bali, there are still many alternative honeymoon locations that can be included in the bucket list which is definitely interesting, especially in Hong Kong. Very curious, right? Let’s go!

Picnic around the Victoria Harbour

The atmosphere of Victoria Harbor is stunning both in the morning, afternoon and evening. Along Victoria Harbor is adjacent to an open area of plants, trees, and a large green grass field, so it is perfect for a picnic.

This large, airy public space is popular for jogging and is a great location for sunset watching and harbor photography. Around this area, right can visit Avenue Stars, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, sky100, M+ and various art-related locations.

Visit the top 10 instagramable photo spots

When you go on a honeymoon to Hong Kong, you really have to take photos in instagramable spots. Starting from Yau Ma Tei school, Picky Café at Tung Nam Lou Art Hotel, Red Brick House which is the former Pumping Station on Shanghai …

Exotic Tourist Destinations in Asia

Discover Malaysia’s native species

Not Temenggor in Perak is one of the oldest rainforests in the world, dating back 130 years. Many things you can do here, especially for lovers of outdoor activities. Like seeing wild life, trekking in the forest, to kayaking and camping. If you’re lucky, one of the world’s rarest mammals such as the Malayan tiger, Asian elephant or white-handed gibbon will be right in front of you.

Swim with the marine life of Miniloc Island

Surrounded by a beautiful bay with a limestone hill backdrop, El Nido Resort on Miniloc Island, Philippines is the perfect destination for those seeking crystal clear waters and vibrant marine life.

There are many activities to do at the resort, such as hiking to watch the sunrise and sunset, boat trips to a nearby lagoon, as well as cave excursions and snorkeling with the fish. Watch out for the giant kuwe gerong (GT) fish called Talakitok by the locals. Weighing up to 80 kg and 170 cm long, this giant fish is often mistaken for a shark.

Soar high in the nature of Phuket, Thailand

High above the jungle trees of Phuket you will find Keemala Hotel’s stunning ‘bird’s nest’ villa.…

Tips for Safe Riding Public Transportation for Women

Don’t Draw Too Much Attention

When deciding to take public transportation, you should wear clothes that are not too eye-catching. One of the most important things you remember is not to use jewelry. You should also avoid focusing too much on your cellphone because it makes you not pay too much attention to your surroundings. Don’t let yourself create opportunities and opportunities for other people to do bad things to you in public transportation.

Not Busy Playing Gadgets

Furthermore, tips for safe riding public transportation for women are not busy playing gadgets. Sometimes we are too busy and focused on our gadgets, without paying attention to the surroundings. As a result, we become complacent and become targets of criminal acts from irresponsible people. Therefore, it would be nice not to be busy playing gadgets while on public transport so that you stay safe and be more aware of your surroundings.

Don’t fall a sleep in public transport

If you take public transportation when you are tired after a day’s activities, of course you will feel sleepy. You better hold on. Falling asleep on public transportation can make it easier for yourself to be in danger because it can provide opportunities …

How to Prevent the Spread of Corona Virus While Traveling

Various health needs, such as masks and hand sanitizers, suddenly sold out in the market. Though these two items become quite essential for travelers. To accommodate the needs of travelers, a number of public places such as stations and airports procured hand sanitizers and masks.

However, to further increase vigilance when traveling domestically and internationally, several things need to be done to avoid contracting the Corona virus.

Wash your hands clean

When touching objects or shaking hands with other people it is recommended by WHO to wash hands. Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available.

Maintain a distance of up to one meter from people who are coughing or sneezing

Just like the flu, the Corona virus is also transmitted through saliva. For that, it is better to keep a distance from people who are sick at least three feet or 0.9 meters.

Avoid touching the nose, eyes and mouth area

Try not to touch your nose, eyes and mouth before washing your hands with soap. To reduce the risk of contracting the virus through sneezing and coughing splashes, you can use a mask.


Betting in India and betting sites

Gambling is allowed in India. However, in the 21st century, gambling activities and betting activities are getting more popular in India. 

System of gambling

It’s based on which state you like to gamble in. Different stars have different gambling options like horse racing, lotteries, and casino gambling. In 1867, the British allowed gambling in India, and 1998 the Lottery was permitted in 13 states only. In Sikkim, any type of regular sports betting is allowed. 

There are many underground sports betting that happens mostly in the case of cricket. There are also many sports betting operators in India that operate how to bet online, and that’s also legal. In addition, there are many sportsbooks that you can sign up for and use without any worry. No one regulates sports betting; therefore, there are no real tax rates. 

Betting sites 

In India, there is a huge fan population of cricket. Therefore, most people prefer betting on crickets by using online sites. 

Let’s see the list of some best betting sites for India:

  1. 22 bet: this is the most popular site with the best newcomer offer and provides safe and Secure payments. You can also see great odds and lines of the

Is it Safe to Travel to Countries That Have Been Opened Now? Watch This

The new normal trend has opened many places of business and countries to get the economy running again. Don’t be surprised if then you see that many of your friends are starting to dare to travel, such as traveling.

What you need to know is that traveling is still risky to do in the midst of a pandemic like today. Yes, people are starting to feel bored with the quarantine period and there are feelings of envy with other people who have the freedom to travel.

Check out some of the things you need to know here before deciding to travel in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.

Listen to the experts

In general, the best way to avoid getting sick is to stay home and travel only for urgent or important matters. Every trip you take will increase your risk of being infected with the Corona virus and potentially spreading it to others.

For plans to travel to countries that have reopened, reconsider that you are not the only one planning to go to that place, but many others. How can you make sure you’re completely safe while you’re there?

Researching the destination

There are things that must be …

Indonesia’s COVID-19 Condition Nears ‘catastrophe’ – Crimson Cross

JAKARTA (Reuters) – Indonesia’s COVID-19 surge is on the fringe of a “disaster” as the more infectious Delta variant dominates transmission and chokes hospitals in Southeast Asia’s worst epidemic, the purple pass mentioned on Tuesday.

Indonesia has stated listing every day COVID-19 infections of more than 20,000 in contemporary days, in a new wave of infections fueled with the aid of the emergence of tremendously transmissible virus variants and multiplied mobility after the Muslim fasting month.

“day by day we are seeing this Delta variant using Indonesia closer to the fringe of a COVID-19 catastrophe,” mentioned Jan Gelfand, head of the Indonesian delegation of the international Federation of crimson go and red Crescent Societies (IFRC), urging enhanced vaccine entry globally.

Hospitals in a number of distinct “purple zone” areas have said overcapacity, including the capital Jakarta, with its isolation beds ninety three% occupied as of Sunday.

“Hospitals are full because of the case surge caused through mobility and loosening fitness protocol adherence, worsened also by way of the Delta variant,” referred to senior health ministry reputable Siti Nadia Tarmizi, when requested concerning the IFRC’s evaluation.

The Delta variant became first recognized in India and has been blamed for large spikes …

PH Mulls Indonesia Commute Ban Over Surge In Delta Variant Circumstances

The govt will look into the proposed inclusion of Indonesia on the checklist of international locations with travel restrictions to the nation to steer clear of the unfold of the extremely contagious Delta strain of the coronavirus disease.

according to Presidential spokesman Harry Roque, the proposed go back and forth restrictions on travelers from Indonesia can be mentioned by way of the Inter-company task force for the administration of rising Infectious ailments.

In contemporary days, Indonesia has considered an alarming surge of coronavirus circumstances dominated via the Delta variant. The Asian neighbor has recorded more than 21,000 infections on Sunday.

“I’m sure that might be regarded with the aid of the IATF,” Roque mentioned during a televised press briefing when asked in regards to the probability of imposing go back and forth restrictions on Indonesia.

To stem the coronavirus outbreak, Roque also certain the general public that the government continues to enforce tight border controls, including within the southern backdoor.

“Dati na pong mahigpit iyan ‘no, mula noong nagsimula ang pandemya (It has been tight considering the fact that the pandemic begun),” he referred to in regards to the executive’s fitness protocols on the ports of entry including these determined …